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Why Video is Essential to Your Business Website!

by Angelo Mendez, producer of Fairfield Video.

There used to be a time when people could get away with having a website without any video content and still have decent traffic. Those times are long gone as algorithms are very picky and SEO becomes more competitive for eyeballs online! 

In this day and age, having an edge over your competitors is crucial to stay relevant and get found online!  Video plays a huge part of; not only grabbing your customers attention, but keeping them on your website long enough for Google to track them and bump you up as a reputable site that boasts original content. 

It’s really about winning. What we mean by that is that unless you have endless amounts of marketing budget to dump into paid advertising and SEO, well then there isn’t much you can do to combat titans in your particular industry. So how do you win? By playing smarter than the big guy, by creating original content, ie; video. This way Google ranks you high enough for you to enjoy organic SEO. Your organic traffic flows effortlessly to your website. 

But cell phone videos are shaky and audio quality is not the best, so knowing where to turn to get affordable video marketing help is crucial. Let’s say you do manage to record an Oscar worthy video on your cell, do you have time to edit, color correct, and output quality footage? 

Fairfield Video Group provides video marketing that helps you grow your business through the power of video. 

We create video that is engaging, informative and powerful for websites, social media, Television and beyond! 

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