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The Missing Link to Your Wellness Journey

by Tammy Kershaw of A Wellness Life

Everyone is on a journey.

Every day we are going through life and life is throwing us curve balls here and there. Knowing how to catch them and throw them back out into the world with balance is the hardest part.

For example, this time of year stresses people out because we are busy with our work/ businesses/ family… and then we have the holidays thrown in… and then add a little COVID curve ball to the mix and POOF!

Go grab a piece of paper and make 8 columns at the top and write in each category at the top as follows: Relationships, Physical Fitness, Sleep, Self-care, Emotions, Nutrition, Spiritual, and Professional.

On a scale of 1-10 where are you right now in each category? 1 being eh, 10 being amazing…be honest with yourself.

Then take your lowest category and rewrite it 1st and write down ONE thing you can do TODAY to improve in that category. Continue on with each one based on the ones that need the most work. Work on this one thing for 1 week constantly. Once it feels different and you are experiencing a shift, add another “thing” each week. REPEAT.

Consistency is KEY!!! It will not only change your mindset and habits…it will balance out your complete wellness.

Yes, life will continually happen and things will show up and curve ball us, but we can go back in and re-access and create action steps as needed.

If you need a little extra direction, that is where I can assist you on your personal journey. I offer complimentary 15 minute phone consultations to new clients always!

PS… Always remember that if you are out of balance it will reflect in all that you do and all the people you serve. 🙂

You can reach me at my website: A Wellness Life … or email me directly at