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Our mission is to promote the well-being of the business and professional community of Monroe CT

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Seasons Greetings from

Monroe CT Chamber of Commerce

President Ray Giovanni


Just wishing you all a joyous and wonderful Holiday season.

I am ever so grateful for the commitment and dedication displayed by every Board Member as well as the membership at large. We really have a special community that we can be proud of. There are so many people that are considerate, kind, compassionate, family oriented and hard working. Those were the values that our parents used to take for granted!

The times have changed. Life moves so swiftly. Respect and the value of others no longer is a top priority automatically granted.  These values that were once assumed, now must be taught and emulated for the next generation to witness so that they will understand the methodologies to being successful in the go forward.

I have been calling business owners this past month as a representative of our Chamber to inquire on how we can assist them with their business models. I met on the phone a gentleman who lives in Brooklyn, who operates a small business here in Monroe part time. He could not speak highly enough of the residents in our Town that he has met and interacted with. He referenced how nice they were. How engaged they are with their families. How the neighboring businesses interacted with each other so friendly-like. He did ask one question as to why there was no business association that would bring the business community together?

I quickly answered that question in a way that left no doubt of what our Chamber does for their members. He was in awe! He could not get over the programs and the value of this organization. He is in the middle of selling his home now and will be moving to Monroe thereafter because of what he experienced here. He didn’t realize there was a “lifestyle like that of Monroe.” He can’t wait to be a resident and a member. That brought a smile to me that night. That night became meaningful.

We have a lot to be proud of. Especially the friendships that we enjoy with each other and others that we have the privilege to meet throughout the year.

I wish you and your families peace and joy,

All the best,

Ray Giovanni
Monroe Chamber of Commerce