Meet Our Members

Meeting the Need for Affordable Housing In Connecticut

by Jameson Doris

Connecticut Housing Partners—or CHP—is evolving and growing rapidly. For over 30 years, we were known as the Mutual Housing Association of Southwestern Connecticut; a housing association that developed affordable housing solutions throughout Fairfield County. Today, we’re building upon that mission by extending our reach to all of Connecticut as we respond to the growing need for affordable housing throughout the state.

With a partnership-based approach, we specialize in developing and preserving affordable rental housing that serves low and moderate-income households, seniors and people with special needs. We have increased access to housing that’s affordable for people who are at risk of or are experiencing homelessness, and our housing is enhanced with supportive services for these residents.

At CHP, we seek to provide great, stable housing and to create communities that enrich the lives of its residents so they can enjoy full and happy lives. Today, with more than 500 units in 15 developments, we’re leading the charge as one of Connecticut’s most active producers and managers of affordable housing. Here’s how we do it:

Leading the industry

Our developments and programs have produced more than $100 million in community investments and provided safe, secure, affordable housing to more than 1,000 residents. Each year, our property management division handles annual revenue exceeding $6.3 million, and we provide more than $2.5 million in professional maintenance services.

Innovative approaches

As our name proclaims, we’re all about partnerships. By working together to find new and strategic ways to meet the need for affordable housing, we leverage our development capacity through collaborations with other non-profits. We’ve merged with other organizations to keep homes from being abandoned, and as a charter member of Neighborworks—a national network dedicated to affordable housing and community development—we’ve amplified our reach.

Integrity in operations

Our staff is not just good, it’s excellent, and we’re committed to helping each team member be their best so they can do their best. Whether it be painting apartments or processing applications, in all our divisions, we’re building staff quality and underscoring our duty to handle every task with integrity. We do this in order to always give our residents the respect and responsiveness they deserve.

Responding to growing needs

Fairfield County has long been our home, and we’ll always provide affordable housing here, but today we’re thinking bigger. Compelled by the urgent need for affordable housing throughout the state, we’re bringing our “A” game and responding to opportunities throughout Connecticut.

Additionally, CHP subsidiaries, Wise Choice Realtors and Real Estate Masters, support our mission to help end homelessness. They are, respectively, a full-service boutique real estate agency and a third party property management company.

Connecticut Housing Partners is a Trumbull-based housing association that builds and manages affordable housing throughout Connecticut. Check them out at Contact Director of Development Robin Jerrild at (203)359-6940 ext 1733 or for more information.