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Medicare Open Enrollment is Over, now time for Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment.

Seniors on Medicare by Previn Patel of Insurance Services of Monroe, LLC

Many of you are breathing a sigh of relief that you have secured your Health Ins coverage for 2022 and will be left alone. No more confusing mailers and enticements to confuse you till next Annual Enrollment Period.

Well, not so fast. Beginning January 1 comes what is known as the Open Enrollment Period and yet another marketing blitz.

During this period from Jan. 1 to Feb. 14 you may disenroll from your current Medicare Advantage plan and switch to the Original Medicare. You will have to sign up for a Prescription Drug plan if you choose to do so. This is a One-Time chance to reevaluate your plan and needs for 2022. This requires good consideration for any one whose medical needs changed since December 7, 2021, and current plan no longer appropriate. There will be a considerable impact on your out-of-pocket expenses including the premium for a Medicare Supplement Ins policy.

A Medicare Supplement Ins plan is highly recommended for those who disenroll from a Medicare Advantage plan. The benefits far outweigh the cost.

This may seem complicated to those who are new to Medicare or getting conflicting information. Actually, it is rather simple. A Professional agent is your best resource. There is no cost to the Medicare Beneficiary, however, be aware of any one who applies pressure to make you switch by causing any anxiety of the Feb. 14 deadline.

Also, it is good to involve a family member, a child or sibling, in these meetings. You and your family member together should be aware of your decision. Aging process brings many surprises and some are not desirable. Making proper decisions of care in older ages is critical to better quality of life for all of the family members, relatives and friends. ​​

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