Lunch & Learn

Financial / Funding Resources for Small & Medium Businesses

Build Your Business Workshop Series – Session #4:

Original Date: March 10, 2022

​Seeking financial assistance for your business can be a complicated and arduous process. There are a plethora of financing options available; but how do you access these options, and do they solve your funding needs? We will provide an in-depth view on the small business lending world and guidance on how/where to obtain the right type of capital.

From this presentation, you will takeaway:

  • Why a business needs financing
  • Accessing capital — Types of capital and where/how to seek it
  • Loan programs
  • Financial assistance for businesses affected by COVID-19
  • General underwriting guidelines
  • Best practices and tips on obtaining financing

About our speaker Louis Silva

Louis Silva is President & CEO of the Community Investment Corporation. He joined CIC in 2018 and previously served as CIC’s Vice President and was responsible for economic development financing via the administration of the SBA 504 loan program & other loan programs.

Louis also serves as a legislative committee member for the National Association of Development Companies (NADCO).

He spent 10 years in banking in several capacities within the retail, operations, and commercial sectors of Banking.