Lunch & Learn – Virtual Webinar – Marketing in an Uncertain World

When the business environment changes, marketers must find new ways to relate to and engage with their prospects. As the use of digital marketing continues to evolve, so do customer expectations when it comes to providing exceptional online and mobile engagement. To keep up with these rising expectations, companies must accelerate the pace of their digital transformation. But for many businesses, just knowing how to start that process poses a big challenge.

Tune into our upcoming webinar and find out how Digital Marketing can help you increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and boost the relationship with your customers. 

About our Speaker:

In 2007, Jon Dupree started to get involved with putting marketing messages online.  Through grunt force, he learned enough HTML and CSS to be dangerous, searched the internet for help on e-mail marketing, Social media and how to get content recognized by the search engines.  Along the way, he learned many new tricks, several philosophies that sounded right but did not work “in the real world”, and that there were more “experts” than true marketers.  By sharing his knowledge, through mentoring and support, Jon started Calibrate in the hopes to help the small business owner with all the steps they will need to develop their marketing program.

This event is sponsored by the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, SCORE of Fairfield County and the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library.

No cost for event -- Registration link to come: $ 0.00