Lunch & Learn: 12 Steps to a Successful Business

Are you looking to build a successful business of your own, either full-time or part-time? Or do you have an existing small business that needs to grow? Either way, you will need to put together a “business plan.” Many books have been written about business plans, but for most small businesses it all boils down to asking – and finding the answers to – twelve very specific questions. 

You will learn: 

• the four steps to building a marketing plan

• the two reasons (there are only two) why anyone buys anything

• how to identify your business competitors and come up with winning competitive strategies

• whether or not you need business partners, and (if you do) how to pick them

• the two places (there are only two) where you can find money to grow your business

• how to deal with business risks and threats before they become overwhelming

Presenter: Cliff Ennico

CLIFF ENNICO (, a nationally recognized small business legal and tax expert, is best known as the former host of MONEYHUNT, the fast-paced PBS reality television series where entrepreneurs defended their business plans before America’s toughest panel of experts (and is widely considered one of the inspirations for SharkTank and similar programs).

His weekly business advice column, Succeeding in Your Business, the “Ann Landers of the business world,” is syndicated nationally by Creators Syndicate, and appears in dozens of major newspapers and small business websites throughout North America. An attorney and small business consultant based in Fairfield, CT, he has helped launch over 15,000 businesses in his 43-year career.

He is the author of 17 books, most recently “The Crowdfunding Handbook: How to Raise Capital for Your Business Using Equity Funding Portals.”

Sandwich lunch will be provided to attendees at 11:45 am

This Event is Sponsored by SCORE, Monroe Chamber of Commerce and Monroe Library

Registration details to come: $