IN-PERSON Lunch & Learn: Enhancing your Credit SCORE

Join us IN PERSON at the Edith Wheeler Library (Monroe)

Individually wrapped Sandwich lunches and water bottles provided

About our Speaker: Stephen Robert

Since 2007 Stephen has worked in the world of credit by helping people to understand and fix their credit. He has been and continues to be trained by John Ulzheimer, who worked at Equifax and FICO. This training has come in the form of Credit Summit seminars, Credit Expert certification and through video and personal dialog with John.

This has allowed Stephen to become an expert in the field of credit. With this knowledge Stephen has done numerous presentations to bankers, mortgage brokers, realtors, CPAs, attorneys and directly to clients to explain to them how the credit scoring system works and what they can do to help themselves and their clients. He has built 2 successful credit repair companies and will now take his talents and understanding of credit and apply those to the nonprofit world.

In building these companies he has reviewed thousands of credit reports and given free consultations to each person he speaks with only working directly with clients he feels can truly benefit from his services. These services include credit education, representing the client as a limited power of attorney to settle their debts and working directly with the credit bureaus to remove negative accounts.

Tickets are FREE but Registration is Required: $