BUILD YOUR BUSINESS WORKSHOP SERIES – Session #3: Social Media, The Best Kept Secret of the Marketing Pie

Webinar presented by:

Lorraine Duncan

The slices vary from Pie to Pie, but what are you missing in 2022. Enter” Social Media. Learn how Social Media can perfectly fit into your marketing plans. It’s as easy as pie. 

From this presentation, you will takeaway:

  • The Myths about the marketing Pie.
  • Not all slices are equal
  • Slicing your Pie and adding the Social Media Piece
  • Practical ways to have your Pie and eat it

About our speaker Lorraine Duncan

​Lorraine Duncan owns a digital marketing agency that​ ​helps entrepreneurs drive their results through Strategic Social Media Marketing.​ ​Lorraine knows full well that having strategy is key in your marketing pie.

Lorraine’s ability to integrate social media into the marketing pie is seen by her​ ​work over the years with small to midsize businesses. Lorraine is eager to share her​ ​knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn.

Event is FREE but Registration is Required: $ 0.00