The Truth About Work-Life Balance

by Maryann Croce of Small Biz Vantage Have you ever asked yourself if work-life balance is possible as an entrepreneur or small business owner? I have in my early days as an auto shop owner. Since 1999, my husband and I were consumed with running all the areas of our business, while juggling our personal […]

Avoiding Judgment Through Connecticut’s Foreclosure Mediation Program

by Attorney Ron Bellenot of Bellenot & Boufford ​In 2008 Connecticut established what was one of the first Foreclosure Mediation Programs in the country to help homeowners with the record-breaking number of foreclosure cases being filed. When a qualifying homeowner enters mediation, the foreclosure action is stayed pending conclusion of the mediation. The mediation process […]

Perfection is Overrated!

by Beth Stoller of At the Podium, LLC Have you ever noticed how speakers like Brené Brown, Tony Robbins, and Simon Sinek all look like they own the stage—like they belong there? It looks like they never lose their place or forget something, or worry about finishing on time. And clearly, they don’t make mistakes […]

Making Informed Decisions Through Home Inspections

by Danielle Rownin of Rownin Associates at Keller Williams Realty For Connecticut Realtors®, it’s not enough to put a real estate deal together; it’s keeping it together that has become an insurmountable challenge. So, what is the leading cause of transactions going south? The Home Inspection. One of a Realtor’s® greatest responsibilities is to educate […]