Knepler Driving Schools

Knepler Driving Schools will help you get your drivers license by delivering top quality, reliable and custom driving education that fit your needs.

In the business since 1956, we at Knepler Driving Schools have helped thousands of people pass their driving test through a full drivers education course that includes an 8-hour drug, alcohol, and safe driving practice session.

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388 Main Street
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Mon & Fri:10am- 8pm, Tues- Thur: 10am - 6pm, Sat: 9am - 4pm


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What makes our online services exceptional?

Our tutoring platform includes visual and audio components so that you and your tutor see and hear each other.  There’s also a series of interactive whiteboards, ability to upload documents and photos so you can see the same material, a built-in graphing calculator, an equations editor, and more.  Participants receive a PDF of all whiteboard contents at the end of each session for review purposes. An AV record is available for a small additional cost.  We keep our sessions small, either one-on-one or with a maximum of four students, to engage everyone and allow our tutors to optimally meet the needs of each participant.  All of our staff are experts in the field with the credentials and years of expertise you would expect.

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Monday to Thursday: 7am - 10pm; Friday: 7am - 10pm; Saturday: 9am - 5pm; Sunday: 12pm - 10pm


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