Calibrate Marketing & Mentoring

Calibrate Marketing & Mentoring provides managed internet marketing services, marketing guidance and training, practical strategies and planning, specifically integrated with traditional marketing campaigns to meet the needs of a local small business.

One of the main challenges small businesses face is summed up in the old saying: “Half of your marketing money is wasted, but you don’t know which half.”​ We all know that marketing can help drive your firm’s revenue intake, yet it’s an unfortunate truth that the results of many marketing efforts are unknown. And throwing more money at your marketing efforts won’t necessarily increase your return on investment.

That ROI is dependent on the knowledge, focus and skill-level of the person in charge of your marketing. Jon Dupree founded Calibrate Marketing & Mentoring in 2010 to share his marketing knowledge gained over the last 20 years as a sales rep, sales manager, marketing manager, entrepreneur and small business owner.

At Calibrate, we’re here to offer you the specific level of mentoring and marketing help you need to activate your message in the marketplace.

Membership Level: 1-2 Employees - Chamber Only

Categories: Advertising / Marketing


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